The announcement of Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp for $19 billion dollars back in February, got a lot of people thinking… Why would Mark Zuckerberg gamble that big on an app that is sticking to its promise of avoiding ads? The answer…. If you build a new medium, brands will (eventually) find a way. Here are a few examples of advertiser’s experimenting with new apps. And we dig it!

Snap Chat: Taco Bell, an early snap chat adopter, premiered its newest taco on the popular app with a short movie, which was a first for snap chat.  

“By letting companies create pages as regular users, Snapchat allows brands to toy around with its playful format. McDonald’s recently leapt in with superstar LeBron James. But IPG cautions that the app offers no analytics beyond seeing the number of followers.”


MTV used Snapchat to promote its show Geordie Shore, the British equivalent of Jersey Shore. Fans who had “friended” the show’s Snapchat account started receiving exclusive videos and photographs leading up to the reality show’s season 6 premiere.

This campaign worked well because MTV marketing executives tapped into their target audience’s unique platform, allowing them to tease storylines in a new way and bring promotional material right to their cell phones.”


Vine: Vine isn’t the newest of the apps, but arguably some of the best app-based marketing experiments have happened using this video based medium. Home Depot uses colorful, bold graphics and sounds to create a “totally immersive experience for their audience.” Below are “6 of the best, boldest uses of Vine in Marketing.”

Enjoy. And happy marketing!

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