The 5 Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media for Retailers

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If you follow these ten simple rules, you can avoid the majority of mistakes made on social channels by retailers.

The 5 Do’s of Social Media

  • Follow your brands/products on all social media channels & listen on a daily basis
  • Create original content that will lead customers to actionable areas of your website
  • Create a business public profile, which allows you to separate your personal & professional online lives, for yourself on relevant social channels
  • Take action when negative/positive comments are made –  even if it is send up a red flag to the appropriate person in  your organization or agency
  • Use your SEO keywords in your social media

The 5 Don’ts of Social Media

  • Respond to posts & comments with boilerplate language
  • Send a spam direct message “thank you” to Twitter users following you or your brand – unless there is a relevant offer/tip attached
  • Share personal information on Facebook & Twitter unless it is part of brand building (personal or company)
  • Use trending hashtags on Twitter unless they directly relate to your brand and are non-controversial
  • Use canned content from other websites to fill your social media messaging gaps

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