Management Perspective: Don’t be afraid to rock the boat.


I was reminded of the value of altering accepted routines last week while fishing in Ontario, Canada.

My long-time friend Jay and I were casting for small mouth bass with lures designed specifically for that species. I was having good luck but Jay couldn’t catch a cold. I dug through my tackle box and handed him an odd looking lure that I’d had for many years and with which had never caught a fish. About the fifth cast with this odd chunk of painted wood, Jay hooked a fish. And not a bass, but a Muskie. A giant, 42-inch denizen of the deep. It turned out to be the fish of the trip.

In marketing, and business in general, it can feel logical and safe to rely on tried and true methods that have consistently bred success. That certainly makes sense. But don’t let it keep you from leaving room for switching things up. Testing something new or unconventional. Challenging established beliefs or patterns.

Marketing should be about continually seeking to learn and improve your strategies and tactics. This can only be done by stepping out of your comfort zone, peering over the edge and being prepared for the potential wonders that wait. Give it a try. You never know what might bite.


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