Essence, Emotion and Your Brand

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When developing messaging for your business it is critical to identify and consistently communicate the essential nature of your company.  This goes much deeper than the tread-worn talk about products, features, pricing, service etc.  It gets to the core of what makes you special and should illustrate the benefit one will derive from choosing to work with you.

Rather than focusing on what you do, think more about the how and more importantly, why you do it.  What is the source of your passion?  What will the customer get from you beyond the transaction?

Your brand is essentially the promise of an experience.  Be vivid in your description of that experience.  What people experience evokes emotion and is highly impactful and memorable.  Use that power to truly differentiate yourself from your competitors in your marketing..

It can be simple things that illustrate your essence.  In marketing a new bank branch to a neighborhood, we recently built an entire campaign around the fact that the bank had freshly baked chocolate chip cookies always on hand in their lobby.  The cookies are emblematic of the care and consideration the bank provides to their clients, their attention to detail and welcoming, homespun approach – all facets of their business that are more salient than a bland discussion of checking, savings, rates and loans. (

Have you taken the time to discover your brand’s essence?  Do so, apply it to your messaging and watch as it elevates your brand position.

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