2019 Marketing Trend Predictions

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A new year has started and with that comes the obligatory predictions of what it will bring. Will augmented and virtual reality become common in marketing strategies? Will more consumers cancel their cable TV subscriptions? Will cause marketing become a common way for brands to connect with prospects and customers? The answer to all of these questions is… probably!

Augmented reality has been utilized by several brands in recent years, and I think 2019 will see an increase in that trend. One of our own clients recently used AR to create an experience tied with their “Save Like A Hero” campaign (not our project). This experience was unveiled in NYC and tied the new Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie with saving money at Synchrony Bank. If you’re entertaining the idea of using AR in your upcoming marketing plans, just make sure that you aren’t using the technology just to use it. You want to use AR with purpose, so it makes your messaging and campaign more engaging and better.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now and YouTube TV are just a few of the current streaming services available to consumers at the moment. That pool of providers is going to continue to get larger. Netflix just announced that it is increasing its pricing for current and future customers by an average of 15% (roughly). According to a report from Neilson, the number of homes in the USA that don’t have cable or satellite has increased 48% in the last 8 years and there are no signs of it slowing down. So, expect that number to continue to increase and this obviously effects how media dollars might be spent.

Another trend that has gained momentum is major brands taking a stand on social issues or partnering with nonprofits that align with their corporate brand identity. Recently, we have seen a few brands take this on including Nike, Warby Parker; and most recently Gillette. Each of these brands have publicly backed a cause or ideal that they want their brand to resonate with and each one has received equal portions of praise and criticism. It’s safe to assume that these are calculated moves that each company hopes will increase sales, and connect with their target markets in a more meaningful way. This trend will likely continue, and it will backfire for some if their brand doesn’t come off as authentic in these communications.

As with all predictions, they might actually happen! If you need help making your 2019 predictions come true, d.trio is ready to help you!

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