Jordan Bainer
senior account executive

If Jordan raised ducks, he would undoubtedly have them all trained to stand in a row. He is an exceptionally smart guy whose energy and attention to detail make everyone else's job easier. He has discovered that making everyone else's job easier is a great way to become wildly popular with your coworkers and clients.

Jordan believes if you're going to think at all, you might as well do it strategically. Jordan's research and branding experience give him the ability to see the "big picture" of a client's needs and help them plan strategies and programs accordingly. Jordan has a history of success implementing large-scale marketing initiatives for educational institutions like Bryn Mawr College, University of Cincinnati, Hamline and more. He also has experience with consumer brands through clients like Proctor & Gamble, Jim Beam and Samsung.

And while he doesn't raise or train ducks, Jordan does enjoy long distance running, home brewing, and improv comedy.