Megan Devine

Megan is one of those annoying people who possess equal amounts of right-brain artistry and left-brain logic. If she worked anywhere else, we’d be seething with jealousy.

As a d.trio “d” and co-founder, Megan combines a wealth of experience in marketing channel strategies, creative and campaign development, and data and analytics. She also possesses keen, relevant expertise in the financial services sector, retail and other industries. She deftly brings the big picture and the small details together for program success.

Megan brings her smarts and humor to the social side through managing d.trio’s Facebook page and Twitter account. As d.trio’s resident blogger, she shows off her writing flair with bite-sized insights on marketing, branding, social media and customer engagement.

She loves nudging clients to use social media and other marketing channels more effectively, helping them build stronger customer relationships – online and offline.

Follow Megan on the d.trio Blog and on Twitter at: @megand3