Tina Ilstrup
account director

What’s the best way to get inside a customer’s head? Hire one, of course.

After initially connecting with d.trio as a client, Tina jumped to the other side. With her ability to think from both angles of the conference room table, she brings a unique perspective to every project she touches.

Whether she’s launching high-visibility debit card rewards campaigns, planning acquisition programs or analyzing program results, she immerses herself in every detail – learning history, fishing out segments, searching for issues and identifying opportunities.

Tina holds the righteous title of “Brainstorming Queen,” because she’ll come up with more ideas and solutions than you could dream possible. For a challenging project for DSW Shoes, Tina wrangled with over 50 marketing components to help maximize every possible marketing angle: in-store, online, direct response and Flash animation commercials.

From the first creative spark to the final endgame, Tina soars above and beyond – even when the client asks for the (seemingly) impossible.

Follow her on Twitter at: @tmilstrup