Victoria Hoshal
business development director

If you're not already a d.trio client, Victoria is someone you should meet. She'll be happy to tell you how d.trio can help your business, but don't expect the same old tired agency sales pitch…because that's not Victoria's style. When we gave her the title of Business Development Director, we were talking about developing your business, not just ours.

Victoria founded and built a successful home furnishings catalog and e-business, LEGACY. As an accomplished entrepreneur and direct marketing expert, she understands how to help your business thrive and her clients love her for it.

On the creative side, in addition to the plethora of successful creative marketing programs she has directed for her clients, her work in home furnishings and interior design has been featured in over 25 regional and national shelter magazines. And, the Twin Cities publication City Business named her one of the "Top 25 Most Innovative Women in Business." Who are we to argue?