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Our sustainability Policy
d.trio marketing group recognizes the importance of incorporating environmental stewardship in the conduct of business, including the efficient and sustainable use of natural and economic resources. We are committed to understanding the impact our industry has on the environment and are continually encouraging our vendors, clients and prospective clients to improve their environmental performance.

Things we are doing:
On a company level, we have worked with our building management on several initiatives, including the implementation of a building-wide recycling program and researching the possibility of purchasing wind power energy blocks for the entire building.

Within the walls of our office, we use recycled paper in office machines whenever possible and encourage general waste reduction. We recycle business consumables such as toner cartridges and packaging materials. Laptops and computers are professionally sanitized and either recycled or reused. We also recycle waste paper, cardboard, beverage cans and bottles, and plastics. Additionally, we provide a water cooler for water consumption on the premises. We realize that we are just a few people doing a few things, but we know that those things add up and we feel good about that.

We also look toward production when we design marketing pieces and where possible, make the design efficient to produce with as little waste as possible. Most of our communications, design and delivery are electronic, reducing the number of CDs and other media in the work stream.

Things we’re asking our clients to do:
We encourage our clients to let us act as stewards on their behalf by working with vendors that are environmentally responsible. Whenever possible, we purchase eco-friendly papers, inks and energy from alternative sources through printing companies that are as concerned about the environment as we are.

Also, with data lists we manage for our clients, we minimize undeliverable/unwanted mail pieces through list hygiene, suppression and accurate targeting. We use internal client and external do-not-mail lists (such as the DMA preference file) in merge/purges so people do not receive marketing materials they don’t want to receive.

Things we’re asking our printers to do:
We give preference to printers that are, at the very least, certified to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain-of-custody standards. The FSC is an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests. The certification verifies that companies claiming to sell FSC Certified products can track their supply back to FSC Certified sources.

Many of our printers look beyond independent forestry certifications to things like:
• Creating sustainability policies, goals and objectives
• Water, mineral and energy conservation programs
• Alternative energy sources
• Vegetable-based inks and low VOC solvents
• Waterless printing
• Digital proofing and printing
• Employee health and safety
• Waste reduction
• Alternative lighting
• Recycling all waste paper including excess inventory,
  trim paper (such as pin feeds), make-ready sheets
  and misprints.

Things we look for when buying paper:

• Recycled content (10% - 100%)
• Independent certifications (FSC, FSI, PEFC)
• Use of Elemental Chlorine-Free (ECF) Pulp
• Water conservation
• Air quality improvements
• Waste minimization
• Energy management
• Sustainable forestry practices

At d.trio marketing group, we are committed to continually improving our environmental performance as well as helping to educate others as we learn of new opportunities. To this end, we endeavor to make responsible, sound business decisions and, wherever feasible, integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of our operations.

We readily acknowledge that environmental stewardship is an ongoing challenge and a continual learning experience. We continue to research best practices and to explore the possibility of partnerships with other companies, environmental and conservation organizations, and local communities, all with the intent of further strengthening our environmental stewardship.

For more information please contact Megan Devine at 612.436.0323.


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