Method 44
Identity and capabilities
strategy, Creative, Print Production, digital

After practicing individual and family counseling for many years, Dr. Greg Alch found a niche in conflict resolution within organizations, specifically with clinics, and the education industry.

Like many people, he had a vision for his company but didn’t know how to name it, develop a brand that would work for his professional niche or create an online presence. So, he hired d.trio to help name and brand his new company, design collateral and create a website.

d.trio developed a list of names that we knew would work within Dr. Alch’s niche. He chose Method 44, which has a clinical feel that counter-balances the personal approach he takes with every project he works on. We also created a tagline “Managing behavior, improving performance” that complements the name while giving a quick overview to what the company does.

The Method 44 logo was developed using a play on the parentheses common in mathematic and scientific notation. This was done to reinforce Dr. Alch’s services as being grounded in a real process, counteracting the possible view of his target audience that counseling in general is a soft science. A comprehensive color palette was then developed including enough warm tones to balance the clinical and process feel of the name. Business cards, letterhead and envelopes were created to round out identity system. Then d.trio designed and wrote copy for a brochure that incorporates Dr. Alch’s preferred style of illustration, making strong use of the visual metaphors in those illustrations to express how Method 44 works with clients.

The website was the final step in the process, to give Method 44 an online presence for people to explore his philosophies, work process and easily contact him for help. The website is optimized for search and keywords that people would use when looking for help. See website.