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When it comes to improv comedy, lagging behind your competitors is no laughing matter.

When local comedian Stevie Ray approached d.trio with a marketing conundrum – sagging ticket sales and an abysmal Google ranking – we knew it was time to supercharge his company’s website for maximum visibility.

“Making it up as you go along” may work for improv comedians, but SEO optimization requires a little more advance planning.

We completed a major website overhaul, paying particular attention to keyword analysis and research, competitive analysis, benchmarking, metadata, webcopy and internal cross-linking.

Since the #1 search engine result garners nearly half of all website traffic, we wanted to boost Stevie Ray’s Improv Company to the top spot for a targeted selection of commonly-searched keywords and phrases.

In just six months, Stevie Ray’s Google ranking leapt by 76% across the targeted search phrases (with 50% earning Google’s top spot in the search results). And website traffic increased up to 1,024% for targeted keyword rankings.

Stevie Ray’s group workshops, corporate training sessions and comedy cabaret shows are selling out, to standing ovations.

That’ll crack a smile or two, even in the toughest crowd.

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