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Our theme for this month is innovation, and since we’ve recently updated our website home page, it got us thinking about the old days of websites. Remember Flash? Ok, I’m being a little tongue in cheek here, but our first website had bells and whistles. Almost literally. The mouse had a sound, as did most anything else you wanted to do on it. It was funky and fun, and probably annoying to other people. And, a lot of copy. Definitely not searchable, but then search as it is today didn’t exist.

Cute and noisy

Our second site represented our ability to build Flash based video. Like most other agencies the site entry was this gorgeous video. This was a beautiful, flowing personality statement. Plus lots of pictures of our office and we talked about everything. I hate to admit it, but it was probably like being on a date with someone beautiful who can’t shut up about themselves. But we loved that site.


Then we rebranded and embraced the “less is more” approach with search at the center. We took all that content and cut it down by about half (or more!). That was a couple of years ago and this summer we saw we needed a refresh. We’ve taken our home page to a simplified level where featured relevant work and content are at the center. We looked at our stats and saw where people want to go on our site and have made it easier to get there. You want to get a hold of someone? You want to see our work? You need content to see how we think or help support your marketing? Done. In one easy click. We’re excited about the change and welcome comments, because, if it’s working we want to know, and if it’s not working, we want to know even more.

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