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Thanksgiving is this week! That means it’s time to launch a very non-business like blog.

Soon we’ll all be experiencing the bliss or the stress of the holiday, or perhaps a bit of both. I recently read an article in Gaiam Life magazine that focused on the experience of Thanksgiving through the eyes of a vegetarian. Having once been a vegetarian myself, and knowing that most gatherings will likely have a vegan or two, I thought I’d pass along some thoughts.

-First of all, please do not make tofurkey for your vegetarian guests…no one really likes it and they may feel compelled to actually eat it.

-Try not to make ‘special’ duplicate versions of dishes. Instead keep the ingredients in side dishes simple so everyone can enjoy them. Sometimes that is as easy as not putting butter on the green beans or using vegetable stock in the stuffing.

-Marshmallows contain meat by-products, who knew? Keep them off the sweet potatoes. Yuck.

-And it goes without saying, don’t ask your vegetarian if they’d like just a little turkey. They do not feel deprived; it does not ruin the holiday for them. Really.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday.

To check out the entire article (which also has a couple of great sounding recipes like cornbread-sage stuffing) go here.

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