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By March 14, 2013Newsletter

In spite of many reports to the contrary, marketing through traditional channels is still very much alive.  Clearly, newer channels (digital, web, social etc.) are being successfully employed throughout the marketing landscape, but proven methods of marketing communications continue to grab prospects’ attention and drive marketing results – often in conjunction with their more “shiny” brethren.

Companies continue to have tremendous opportunity to reap low hanging fruit using more traditional methods.  Newer tools now at our disposal are great in appropriate situations, but may not outshine campaigns based on sound strategy and execution of time-tested methods.

Whether you’re doing new customer acquisition, activation, cross selling, product launches or brand-building, utilizing traditional channels can often be your best bet for success.

And it doesn’t have to be a choice between old and new.  In our experience, integrating channels is a great way to engage your audience.

Many programs launch with direct mail and include a call to action to visit a website, campaign micro-site or landing page, scan a QR Code, click a video link or PURL or interact on a Facebook page.  Add online banner ads, display ads and coordinate with blog content and you’ve got a truly integrated program.  (For a great integrated campaign example, check out our case study for the University of Minnesota’s Technological Leadership Institute –TLI at ).

So don’t automatically reject your old marketing friends in favor of the new kids on the block.  You’d be surprised how well they play on their own – and with others.


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