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Tired? Uninspired? Having difficulty coming up with that next big idea? Here are a few activities to refresh your brain and get your noggin back to it’s old self.

1. Set aside time during the day to meditate.
An easy way to revitalize your mind is to turn it off. Step away from the computer and find complete (or semi-complete) peace for a short period of time.

2. Organize something.
Sometimes doing a mindless, auto-drive activity has a way of unleashing creative ideas. Set aside some time to do a straightforward activity like organizing your files or clearing out space in your office.

3. Find a change of scenery.
Ideas can crop up in the oddest places. When you’re stuck and can’t concentrate, try going to a new location for some much needed thinking time.

4. Doodle.
Ever notice that when you’re in the shower, that elusive idea crops up into your brain? That’s because you’re subconscious is making connections even when you’re not actively trying. That said, doodling gives you time to noodle (like that rhyme?) subconsciously and allows you to escape the pressure of coming up with an idea.

5. Brainstorm without filters.
An important part of brainstorming is not self-selecting ideas that crop up during a formal brainstorming period. Set your sights on the problem and let the ideas flow freely. Only after you’re done can you start to organize and filter ideas.


-Jordan Bainer is a senior account executive at d.trio marketing group

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