Fresh Food Trends for Spring 2013

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Spring generates more trends than any other season. After the long winter season, we crave fresh colors, fresh fashion, fresh styles and even fresh food options. Here are the top 5 food trends for spring 2013.

1. Moving Upscale
Americans want to “savor” food and dining experiences. We are choosing better cuts of meat, exotic spices, and the freshest food possible.

2. Making it “Fresh”
Recent surveys found that 9 out of 10 Americans view fresh food as healthier. This has led to more requests for “house made” menu items and artisan foods. Free range and grass fed meats and specialized dairy and produce choices are at a three-year high.

3. Going Solo
As family dynamics continue to change, more of us are dining by ourselves than ever before. However, these solo dinners are becoming healthier as more freshly prepared meals are taking the place of frozen dinners.

4. Embracing Ethnic
American consumers love foreign dishes, but now we are getting even more specific and specialized. The fastest growing ethnic food flavors are: sriracha, chimichuri, aioli, yuzo, queso fresco and Thai chili.

5. Craving Finger Foods
“Craveable” finger foods are one of the fastest growing food categories. We are a nation on the go and 45% of people surveyed say they want high quality, “savory” snack foods to nibble on during commutes and errands. In addition, 67% of these food consumers want the condiments or dips that accompany finger foods, even though it is messier.

Food Technology Magazine, posted on, April 2013

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