Top 10 #dtrioIntern Moments

By May 1, 2013Newsletter

by Andrey

My time here at d.trio marketing group is sadly coming to an end. With this 6-month internship I had plenty of things that I learned and great moments that I had.
Here are my Top 10 #DtrioIntern Moments

10. Getting a call from Tina to let me know that I got the internship
9. Having a fake snowball fight with Megan and Beth in the office
8. Hearing Slim Shady on the radio in the office
7. Fred handing me a book titled “Direct Marketing For Dummies”
6. Getting the best parking spot in the garage (pays off to come in early)
5. Finishing my first project
4. All of the lunches and Happy Hours that the partners have paid for
3. Running my first meeting (These guys are a hard bunch to keep on track)
2. Getting my initials next to a company on the job board (Getting my first client)
1. Winning the Bowling Pin during Secret Santa!

This has been a fantastic and meaningful experience and I recommend d.trio to any one looking for an internship at a marketing agency.

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