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June 2013

What does your social media activity reveal about you?

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We engage our friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, and random strangers on a daily basis. With the merger of social media into our day-to-day lives, marketers now have vast amounts of data to determine the influence of individuals. What does all that interaction say about you?

Klout measures all your activity across multiple social media outlets to generate a score that they equate to influence. Some companies have been known to review a job candidates Klout score before making hiring decisions.

PROskore and Kred are similar to Klout but use slightly different methodologies to measure and report social media influence.

So, what category are you? Socializer, Taste Maker, Feeder? Sign up for a Klout account and find out.


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-Jordan Bainer is a senior account executive at d.trio marketing group

Reveal: what’s behind it

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As you know, we choose a new word each month (or roughly month-sized group of days, they don’t always line up with the calendar month) to focus our marketing efforts. This month’s word is Reveal, which means we’ll be doing a few behind the scenes things, taking a look at what analysis can show about your marketing, letting our newest teammates show off a little and generally getting to the bottom of things.

As art director, these monthly theme changes are a great opportunity to do some encapsulated design. For each month I need a Facebook header, a webpage banner, several blog images and an email newsletter header (sign up and see it soon). The more content we create the more little pieces I need, but my real focus always starts with the web banner at the top of This month I played with the idea of using a flasher (too cheeky), paper being torn away to reveal what’s behind it (too done a thousand times already, including by me), a stage curtain (nice, but a bit boring and a little weird when I tried to apply the bold colors of our brand to it). I finally settled on some way of showing the basic components of light or ink, the visible color spectrum, the cmyk values that lie behind the visual expression of our work. As typography plays a key role in our brand expression, what better way to illustrate the concept of ‘reveal’ than to use the type itself as the window to what lies behind everything we do? So I used the typeset of the word reveal to mask through to a striking image of colored ribbons behind it. And the ‘reveal’ identity was born.

We all hope you enjoy this month’s content, including the first installment of our new video feature Cage Match. Tim and Beth square off on what makes the perfect bloody mary. What does the perfect bloody mary have to do with marketing, you ask? Not a lot, but as marketers we tend to pull everything apart to it’s components and talk every possibility to death. Sometimes it makes for an entertaining fight and we thought you might like to see. Have fun, and let us know what you think.


-Beth Seitzberg is the art director at d.trio marketing group

Cage Match: Bloody Mary

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If you know us you know that we have opinions. Well, what you might not know is that we don’t always agree. And sometimes it gets a little heated. After a recent argument over the vital stats of the perfect bloody mary, we decided to give ourselves room to vent in public. Presenting the Cage Match series. An occasional video posting of various d.trio team members squaring off about the little things we find to argue over. We hope you are entertained and if you’d like to give us your opinions go right ahead and comment, or let us know on our Facebook page.

So here goes the first entry of what we hope will be many: d.trio Cage Match: Bloody Mary (link for mobile users)