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Several key advancements stand out as particularly revolutionary because of the impact they had on the world.  According to Live Science*, here are their picks for the 10 most important inventions of all time, from past to present:

The wheel
The nail
The compass
The printing press
The internal combustion engine
The telephone
The light bulb
The Internet

Here are the d.trio team’s picks for their favorite inventions, both current or yet to be unveiled:

Jordan wants this invention:
I want a hover board from Back to the Future 2. I won’t rest until I have one.

Victoria wants this invented:
A re-sealable bag, shaped like a tote bag, with handles.  The components should be biodegradable and/or recyclable.

Fred wants this invented:
A charcoal briquette bag that opens easily.  That current darn stringy thingy is a total mystery and works about one time in twenty.

Beth wants these things invented:
String-less corn (no corn silk).  A bagel with two tops. Flying cars.

Megan likes:
The iPhone. Everything I need to keep in touch, in the know or moving to music in one place, and totally portable.

Sheryl enjoys:
My DVR.  You never have to miss your favorite program and you can speed through commercials and rewind if you miss something.

Tina’s favorite inventions:
Coffee, cars, and iPhones. The first one picks me up, the second one gets me going and the iPhone keeps me connected.

Mary’s favorite invention:
The electronic spreadsheet. Prior to that, accountants used green ledger paper and wrote in pencil. Making changes or adding information to a report usually required re-writing everything and was very time consuming so you had to get it right the first time.

Maureen wants this invented:
A Star Trek Transporter

Tim’s top pick:
Ball point pen


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* – March 6, 2012

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