Make 2014 the Year of the Union

By December 23, 2013Newsletter

While many happy couples get engaged over the holidays, at d.trio we recommend a blissful start to the New Year by marrying your marketing efforts in ways that yield useful, performance-based metrics and fuel brand strength all year long. Ready to build some powerful unions in 2014? Here’s how:

1) Unite business strategy with marketing efforts and metrics
Sure, it sounds obvious, but many companies work in silo-fashion. Knowing what’s most important to top executives and communicating this business strategy to your entire marketing organization helps unify your marketing strategy. When it comes to metrics, do you know what indicators are most relevant to your board of directors? Don’t bog them down with big data that disinterests them. Ensure your marketing initiatives, and your measurement criteria, are delivering on their expectations, while emphasizing the business value of your marketing activities.

2) Unite traditional direct mail campaigns with digital analytics
For many regulated industries, direct mail is the primary tool for personally engaging customers and prospects. But, that doesn’t mean digital analytics need to be ignored for this traditional in-home channel. Custom landing pages are one of the smartest ways to marry your offline tactics with online efficiencies.

A few best practices of custom landing pages:

  • A short, easy to key-in URL
  • Campaign-specific content with actionable step to increase conversions
  • Noindex meta tags to protect data integrity and make tracking easier, add  <meta name=“robots” content=”noindex” > to your custom landing pages

By driving direct mail prospects to custom landing pages, you can more easily track number of visits to site, visit duration, campaign conversions, and use a/b testing to refine variable data messages. You get the power of direct with the data of digital all in one campaign.

3) Unite brand messaging with blog content and social media

A comprehensive, up-to-date brand messaging platform provides an arsenal of support for blogs and social media. Uniting your brand communications framework with your content strategy allows you to populate your blog’s editorial calendar with a host of topic ideas to help hit your target number of posts. In addition, spring boarding from your brand messaging platform ensures your blog content is aligned with the value drivers and personality of your brand. Filtering your social media postings through your brand platform offers more worthwhile engagement by ensuring increased relevancy and focus. When social media posting reinforce brand strategy in the manner most suited to the social channel’s audience, missteps and reputation-hindering slips are eliminated.

Looking to unite your marketing for greater effectiveness and performance in the New Year? Give us a ring.

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