d.trio’s 2014 New Years resolutions

By January 29, 2014General, Newsletter

Mary: My New Years resolution is to drink more champagne

Victoria: I believe in intentions vs. resolutions…

Tina: PURGE the things from my life that I do not need or want. And sign up for automatic bill pay.

Patrick: This year I’m going to eat better, and attend more marketing association events.

Maureen: I’m planning a trip to Italy next year and my resolution for 2014 is to learn to speak Italian.  Thirty minutes a day, almost every day, in the car. Ciao.

Tim: I want to become a better Grill Master. Perfect my current techniques and learn new ones.

Fred: I am trying to settle on something new to learn this year.  Thinking perhaps guitar lessons.

Sheryl: Maximize my MN summer. Golfing, camping, fishing, exploring – let’s go!

Megan: made a resolution years ago not to make any more resolutions and my new years resolution is to keep that resolution and not make any more resolutions…

Beth: quit smoking. (mission accomplished already, mostly by accident)

Elise: My new years resolution for this year is to cultivate a better work life balance.

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