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By January 29, 2014Newsletter

Our word of the month for January is “Identify” and we chose it for a number of reasons: At the end of the year we like to identify things we’ve accomplished, and what needs to change. At the beginning of the year and it’s time to identify goals for the upcoming year to help guide our business to grow and improve. “Identify” is a positive word. As individuals, we identify with people and businesses we like and with whom we have an affinity. In marketing you identify your audience – as well as the opportunities, key strategies and tactics to produce a successful marketing campaign. So we felt it was apropos to lead the year thinking of this word and letting it guide us. It’s important to take stock at least once a year so you know where you’re going and have a clear idea what you want to get done. With that in mind, we hope you identify your key success strategies early in 2014 and have a great year!

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