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By April 1, 2014Newsletter

For the sake of our sanity it was nice to get out of the brutal northern winter that’s overstayed its welcome. So we went to Atlanta where there is spring (and actual flowers). The need to see spring is a primal one and it coincided nicely with a client brand update that freshens their brand look and feel. Is this truly a coincidence? I think not. After the nose-to-the-grindstone marketing that we do all winter, creative ideas pop up in the spring like flowers, refreshing us and we want and need to pay attention to those ideas. SunTrust already had a sun-kissed brand, but the update took it a step further to make the banking brand more accessible, personal and warm, like spring. We had a great time there, reminded that face-to-face meetings are not dead, spring is for renewal, and it’s a great time to update your brand. Kudos to SunTrust and thanks for sharing your optimistic spring outlook with us if only for a day.

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