What fonts are we?

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We asked everybody at d.trio to complete the following sentence: If I were a font I would be ______.

As usual it was more complicated than we thought. Beth wanted to know if she could choose a typeface and not a¬†font, a couple people got lost in the number of choices and Maureen chose hand lettering, probably just to be difficult. However, we did come up with some interesting choices. Fred chose Comic Sans for obvious reasons, and the art department changed it to Comic Neue because he can’t be expected to know better. Megan’s is probably surprising to a lot of people unless you’ve heard her skiing stories or realize the font is named RockInstead. Tina immediately changed her email font to her choice (American Typewriter) and has driven everyone crazy with it since. Maureen’s choice was actually the lettering from a logo for something called Imagine, so only those 7 letters exist. Here’s what they look like all together:



What font are you? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

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