10 Ways to Get Happy

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Ahhhh Pharell, you gave us a song to make us happy even as it’s driving us all a little bit crazy. We saw you on Oprah and you seem like a legitimate, caring person. We are even starting to appreciate your exceedingly homely hats. But, you did more than that, for me at least. You made me start questioning and looking at happiness. Not overall Zen-type happiness, but day-to-day, what am I doing, does this really make me happy, happiness. More importantly, I’ve started thinking…what changes can I make to increase happiness in my life?

So, as I go through my day I occasionally ask myself, does doing what I’m doing make me happy at this moment? I acknowledge not everything I do can possibly make me happy, but just asking this question serves two purposes. First, it helps me notice when something does indeed make me happy and secondly, it reminds me to try to figure out a way that I might be able to incorporate just a little bit of happiness into what I’m doing…even if it’s a not so happy task.

So, here are ten simple ways to put a little happiness into your day.

  1. Take a play break. Run up and down a flight or two of stairs or take a quick walk around the office or even better, the block. Send a silly email or leave a fun note on a co-worker’s desk. Figure out something to do that will make you (and maybe others) smile.
  2. If the sun is shining, let it shine on your face for a full minute, even if it’s only through a window.
  3. Search around the radio until you hit on a station playing music you would not normally listen to and give it a chance.
  4. Take the longer, less traveled, scenic road to work.
  5. Put something colorful or beautiful in your office that catches your eye each time you enter.
  6. Toss out some clutter.
  7. Learn something new.
  8. Smile. The action alone sends a message to your brain that your happy. (Apparently the brain is easily fooled.)
  9. Leave an outrageous tip for outrageously good service, or just because your server is having a hard day.
  10. Do a good deed, anonymously.

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