Do You See the Light?

By July 2, 2014Newsletter

We’ve always been a believer in the benefits of having access to natural light in the work environment.  That’s why d.trio sought out office space that maximized the amount of light available in employee workspaces.

Recent research reveals that exposure to bright light helps us regulate sleep, boost mood and even increase productivity.  Some scientists claim that sitting next to a window on a sunny day can help double an individual’s alertness.  And, other studies link light to the release of the hormone serotonin, adding to a sense of wellbeing.

For those who struggle with insomnia, a 30-minute walk in the sunshine (especially in the morning) can help with sleep because it helps set and regulate our internal body clocks.

And there are also great mental health benefits to be derived from exercising outside vs. in the gym.  For a list of some of these benefits, check out

Exposure to nature can even help you recover from illness faster. A study conducted by an expert in the benefits of natural green space found that patients recovering from gall-bladder surgery that were provided with a natural view needed less pain medication, were more cooperative and went home two to three days sooner than a group given only buildings to look at.

So, the great outdoors appears to be just that – GREAT!  Gaze at it, walk in it, exercise in it and soak up the many benefits it provides.  See the light, you’ll be better for it.


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