Management perspective: Go outside

By July 2, 2014Newsletter

We love words. They fuel what we do and how we express d.trio’s and our client’s brands. Simple words can express volumes, such as the word ‘outside’. We chose ‘outside’ this month for obvious and not so obvious reasons. It’s summer and in Minnesota we all want to get outside as much as possible to commune with nature. But the word is much more than that – it gives hope, it helps describe things beyond the limits of scope, it’s exclusionary, it’s expansive and more. Words play an important part in our lives. Through the many communication shortcuts we take every day, we don’t always take advantage of the nuances of language or use the variety of words we could. So let’s change things up a bit.

Let’s make a goal to get outside the normal routine and look for inspiration – read a well written novel, choose some words that take you outside your regular language when you write and get outside and experience nature.


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