Management Perspective – “Solitary Refinement”

By July 28, 2014Newsletter

I do a lot of bicycling.  For workout purposes all year and to-and-from work a couple days a week, Spring through Fall.

Outside of the obvious cardiovascular benefits derived from the exercise, it provides me with rare “alone time”, free from common distractions (I don’t even wear headphones – for safety).  It’s one of the only solitary things I do and I find it allows me to noodle on things, generate or refine ideas and concepts or, sometimes best of all, think about absolutely nothing.

You know how many people say their best thoughts hit them while in the shower.  Well, a long, rigorous bike ride is kind of like an extended shower.  The familiar, rhythmic, repetitive motion of pedaling along releases the mind to free-associate and go down creative and problem solving pathways often otherwise unexplored.

I am a gregarious person that usually draws energy and inspiration from being around others, but I equally value the solitary respite provided by a simple bike ride.  Sometimes one is not the loneliest number.

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