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With school starting this week, the d.trio staff engaged in a lively conversation about academics and new trends in school. As someone who has not seen the inside of a classroom in a few years, I was floored when one of my colleagues mentioned that schools and teachers have embraced social media in the classroom. After some digging into the subject, I discovered that “tweeting out” homework is actually common practice. In fact 80% of higher education faculty reported using social media for some aspect of a course they are teaching.*

And it’s not just for college and university staff. In a recent survey of both higher education and high school faculty, 30% of teachers have reported using social media to post content for students to view outside of the classroom. Additionally, 40% have required students to view or read a social media post as part of an assignment and the numbers increase dramatically when you include teachers who work in non-traditional or online classrooms.

From online video tutorials, to hashtags that prompt student discussion online, teachers are finding new ways to embrace social media and incorporate it into their curriculum. Want to see other ways teachers use social media? Click the link below.

*Report by Pearson Learning Solutions, 2011

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