Are you nice?

By October 13, 2014General

I recently read two separate business blogs on the subject of “being nice.” The first writer talked about the benefits of being nice and offered some suggestions of ways to do it. He quoted an advertising agency owner (reportedly a nice guy) who is often asked for advice from his employees. His life advice regarding relationships is simple: “Marry for nice. Nice never goes away.” This writer took that principle and is applying it to other aspects of his own life.

The second business writer had a slightly different take on the subject of being nice, particularly as it pertains to the work place. This individual suggests that being nice is not how you want to be perceived. People who are “nice” may get extra work dumped on them, may not get their problems resolved or their voices heard, and may not get as good of a performance review. This writer suggests that we should be “likeable” instead of nice. Likeable people are able to push back and protect their own interests while still getting things done.

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