Management Perspective: Time to practice some underthinking.

By October 28, 2014Newsletter

With the mountain of data and research now available at our fingertips, overthinking issues and challenges is running rampant. Hot messes are hard enough to untangle without adding unnecessary complexities that lead to our getting in our own way.

Usually, the greatest solutions are elegant due to their simplicity. That’s why children are so creative in their thought processes – they don’t overthink anything. We adults tend to get too careful, are fearful of looking stupid and have a need to consider every possible contingency – however unlikely. Overthought = overwrought.

Initial gut instincts are often reliable. And, as is taught in improvisation, one should respond to thoughts and ideas with “yes, and …” rather than “yes, but …”. Let’s start to project, rather than protect.

Now, I’m not advocating wild, uninformed forays into the unknown. But underthinking as a starting point is fun, and can lead to some pleasant, unexpected results.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “a camel is a horse, designed by a committee”? Truly a classic case of overthinking. Try some underthinking to get you over the hump.





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