The doughboy’s new pants and other great holiday ads

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Well, the holiday season is in full swing and there’s a lot of great marketing going on. This year the pitch seems a lot less focused on things and a lot more focused on dreams, imagination, stories and human connection. One of our favorites is Target’s marshmallow ad:

And Coke, after all the great polar bear ads throughout the years has put together a really great campaign based on, well, people:


And last, but not the least by a long shot, have you seen Pillsbury’s holiday ad yet? The one where the Doughboy gets……jeans! We’re a little bit in love with it over here and got into one of our “conversations” about what he might like to wear with his jeans. First, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it here. We’ll wait…

…cutest thing ever, right? Tiny little jeans.








So, what should the Doughboy wear as a shirt? Here’s a few options. Feel free to vote at the end or send us some other ideas.

1. The  flannel. Because he might secretly be a lumberjack.









2. The Hawaiian. Because he might not be a lumberjack. Goes well with hats.







3. The classic t-shirt. Always a hit with jeans. And a kerchief.








4. The leather jacket. Because Fonzie.








5. The hoodie. Mostly because of the hat.










Time to vote:

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