d.trio’s 15th anniversary

By January 26, 2015General, Newsletter

How does a company sum up 15 years of business? Fifteen years – that’s 180 months, 780 weeks or 5479 days. How much can you accomplish in that time if you put your mind to it? For d.trio it all started with three partners who love marketing and had a vision for doing marketing better, more personally.

However, it would be very wrong to only focus on the partners when this company was truly built by the current and past employees who put their own love of marketing into this business, to leave their mark, and help us grow into the business we are today.

And let’s not forget the most important ingredient of a successful company, our clients – who have been friends, collaborators and loyal supporters of d.trio. We’ve driven ourselves and gotten better because of the high expectations our clients have, and we’re grateful for the motivation and support we’ve received.

So take a short walk down memory lane with us and have a little fun. Share your photos, tell us your stories, or pick up the phone and say hi. Because, after 15 years, we’re still here, still growing and we still love this stuff.

All year we’ll be celebrating the last 15 in different ways, starting with a roll call of sorts. All current d.trio employees are hard at work writing micro-blogs about their very first day at d.trio and another about where they were 15 years ago. Look for those right here in the coming days.

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