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By February 23, 2015Newsletter

As I reflect on the 15 years d.trio has been in existence, I think about all of the changes marketing (and the world) has gone through. It seems we do everything differently – it’s all electronic now. 15 years ago I had just gotten my first cell phone. We started our business with a fax machine, an iMac (the teal one with the bulbous shape) and a landline phone. When d.trio got rolling, we spent thousands a month on courier services sending mock-ups and other information back and forth. We had phone conversations, face-to-face meetings and lunch with clients (and happy hour). We’ve been through a recession caused by terrorism and a great recession caused by greed and hubris. It’s been a wild ride.

So what hasn’t changed in all of this? The human element. Marketing and sales – they are about finding human connections. Humans are craving authenticity and transparency. The things you had to give people in the old days when you sat across from them or talked on the phone, because you couldn’t hide your BS behind electronic communications and finesse your message. Maybe there’s a lesson in this for us. Maybe the best way to be real is just that. Be real.


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