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By February 25, 2015General, Newsletter

The subject of brand has come up lately in several contexts, giving us the impetus to focus and get in-depth with the subject in writing. There are many ways to look at a brand because there are so many elements of it that can make or break how people view your company.

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It isn’t a coincidence that it’s a hot topic. The economy seems to be moving in the right direction, consumer confidence is up and companies are more concerned with their brand images to position themselves to take advantage of opportunities when they come – much like making sure you look your best before a big date. For agencies, corporations, smaller companies or professional firms – it’s more and more important for a company to know who they are as a brand, because potential customers will sniff out a brand personality that doesn’t fit. Gone are the days when companies could define their brands without input from the outside.

Whether you are in a corporation trying to improve brand recognition, on the agency side wanting to differentiate from the pack or a professional firm working to modernize and update your name and image, it’s important to find out from the outside marketplace as well as internally what the impressions are and work from there to define your brand.

What’s the value of a brand? How do you define it and what do you do to improve your brand? Read our white paper and find out more. And, please let us know if there is other content you’re interested in knowing more about.

Read our branding white paper >

Download our branding white paper >

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