Management Perspective: Elvis has left the building

By June 2, 2015Newsletter

This is to serve as a quick tip on presenting or receiving creative, especially when it pertains to something as sensitive and personal to people as branding and identity.

Agency folks should build in some time after presenting initial visuals and creative rationale to leave the room, allowing the client team to candidly discuss amongst themselves what they’ve just been shown. This provides a forum for a free flow of thought and critique without the worry of harming the pride of the “authors”.

Clearly, this can also happen after the fact when the agency leaves. There is, however, critical value to be gleaned from initial reactions and as they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. It’s important not to waste the opportunity to gauge these reactions as quickly and transparently as possible.

Assessing branding and identity creative is a tricky task. Allowing clients to live with it alone initially for a bit gives them some room to breathe and judge the assets more impartially.


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