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By July 29, 2015Newsletter

If you’ve reached this page from our newsletter (you can sign up in the side-bar, hint hint), then we got you here with a picture of Fred’s new puppy, Colin, because puppy. We also want to introduce you to the newest d.trio team member, Wil Emling. Wil brings us a ton of experience with SEO, SEM, digital marketing strategy and website analytics and will offer our clients a unique and highly measurable approach to digital media. Wil’s picture isn’t ready yet but we asked him a few questions so you can get to know him better, so read on (and we’ll show you another puppy picture at the end).

If I could re-brand the U.S. dollar bill, I’d change it from green to:
An encrypted digital currency. So much more convenient, plus its the fastest way to transfer funds, well besides marriage, I suppose that’s a pretty quick way too.

The ad tagline that best sums up my approach to life is:
“Let’s go places” -Toyota

The strangest compliment I ever received was:
I was out in California giving a presentation to a client about digital strategy when he stopped me mid-sentence. He told me it didn’t matter, and that my glasses gave me all the credibility I need. They didn’t have tape on the bridge of the nose like a true nerd, and they weren’t Google Glass. I guess I was just an early adopter and trendsetter when it came to oversized hipster glasses with thick frames. It was awesome my appearance landed a deal, but it was a little concerning about his business decisions moving forward, and its longevity.

If I threw a fantasy dinner party, I’d invite:  
Anthony Hopkins so he could tell us what each course was. Morgan Freeman so the voice of “god” would be there to talk but really it would just be like somebody was there narrating the evening. Gary Busey, Charlie Sheen, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, because that seems like a real liability. Sigmund Freud to psychoanalyze the just mentioned guests. Ray Kroc so he could taste what food is suppose to taste like. Mother Teresa to keep everyone in check. Lastly Bill Murray, because you can never have too many Williams running around with a dry sense of humor.

If I were a top-secret government agent, my code name would be:
Steven Zissou

If I could rule the Internet for a day, I would:
What do you mean if I could? I thought I did already?

I wish cars could run on:
Burning the innocence of children? Just kidding that’s from Colbert Nation. My answer would be I wish cars would go away.

The secret theme song playing inside my head is:
1984’s Careless Whisper by Wham! Or Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again from 1982. Both make me sound really old but I know every word to each. Really timeless… Really Relatable… I also have admiration for Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off” that’s in pretty heavy rotation on my iPhone. I guess it just depends on the day.

I keep myself balanced by:
Going to yoga, and having my two beagles chew up everything to test my patience. That’s how I always know it could be worse, it really helps put things in a healthy perspective.

My all-time favorite geometric shape is:
The food pyramid? Does that count? Life is all about balance, can’t do that if you have your food groups all mixed up. I think they were really onto something in 1992, I was 8 when that came out. I just remember it being a wonderful time in my life, very little stress and I’d like to give thanks to the USDA for making that magical period of my life possible.

Thanks, Wil, we all know you a little better now. Welcome aboard!

Hey, Colin, what do you think?



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