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Every August at the end of the month, thousands flock to indulge not in our 10,000 lakes, but Minnesota’s 10,000 ways to fry food. Ranked as one of the country’s best State Fairs, each year Minnesotans and fair goers await the anticipated list of “new fair foods.” This year did not disappoint. From deep fried ribs, to mac & cheese fried cupcakes, and even whiskey-spiked hand-held pies, the new food list never ceases to intrigue.

We’ll start dieting now.

While Texas holds the title of the country’s largest state fair, Minnesota comes in at a close second. Part of the reason for its popularity is the fair’s largest free exhibit: the CHS Miracle of Birth Center, where fairgoers watch the birthing and first steps of baby calves, lambs, goats and piglets. But the Minnesota state fair goes beyond the exceptional livestock. Competitions include rulings on Christmas trees, bees and honey, flowers and much more. Attendees also seek out the famous butter sculpture, designed to resemble the year’s Princess Kay of the Milky Way, a woman crowned every year as the official ambassador of the Minnesota Dairy Industry. The Minnesota State Fair also touts live, headlining performances, and again, the food.

Of course this is all familiar to us because d.trio hails from Minnesota. But it got me wondering: what are other fairs known for, and most importantly, what should we eat? Below is a list of this year’s new food at the Minnesota State Fair, and other fairs worth the travel time!

  • Iowa State Fair: known for its standout food with nearly 200 concession stands and 50 different treats on a stick. Standout food item: Octodog – a hot dog shaped like an octopus, also fried butter, because why wouldn’t we.
  • Alaska State Fair: Known for its monstrous produce competition. Previous winners have included a 20-pound carrot and a 1,000-pound pumpkin.
  • New York State Fair: Known for it’s wine “tent.” Wineries across the state host tastings and compete for top-vintner status. Sign us up!
  • Texas State Fair: Known for its size. Boasting the largest fair in the country, the Texas fair has 76 thrill rides, a 1,800-foot-long aerial skyway gondola and the tallest Ferris wheel in North America. 




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