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By November 2, 2015Newsletter

Our word of the month this month is Persona. We chose it because it’s a flexible word that can mean how you project yourself socially or professionally, it’s about how people perceive you from the outside. The dictionary describes it as the image or personality that a person presents to other people.

As marketers you likely already know that personas are important in marketing. Before social media we called them audiences or target markets – using demographics and psychographics to try to put a face and personality to a group of people. Why do we do this? It’s always easier to write or design to a specific audience than it is to create something generally appealing and if we choose a persona to speak to, our messaging and creative will be more relevant.

Now we take it a step farther. We have more data than ever to help us develop relevant content for our prospects. Taking the time to develop personas of your best customers will strengthen your marketing because you’ll be talking to the people you want to talk to, inviting them in with messaging and offers meant for them. Developing personas that are fleshed out with potential interests (kid’s sports, marathon running, etc.) will boost your messaging – to be more personal and engaging – helping to make that important connection and engagement with prospects. It’s not just for social media, it makes all of your marketing strategies stronger.

Here’s a good blog on the basics of persona development if you need some help getting started:


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