Megan Devine


It is possible for the left-brain logic and right-brain artistry to live in harmony. As co-founder of d.trio, Megan demonstrates this everyday – piloting big picture strategies and creative for clients’ campaign success.

Megan combines broad experience in digital and web as well as traditional marketing by marrying offline and online strategies to make all programs more effective. From creative and campaign development through analytics – the focus is on ROI. She also possesses keen, relevant expertise across several industries including retail and financial services.

Prior to founding d.trio in January of 2000, she held a variety of high-level management and strategic marketing positions within several marketing companies. Her deep experience in marketing began at a full service marketing firms, continued with immersion in data at Fair Isaac, then brought it together at creative marketing agencies.

Additionally, she is a manager of LinkedIn’s social media group (600,000+ users) and has judged the International ECHO Awards since 2005. Follow Megan on Twitter @megand3 and LinkedIn.

Outside of work: Megan works out daily, loves to oil paint and ski, is an HGTV and FYI channel junkie and requires the experience of live music in her life at least monthly.

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