Melissa Herman

director of business development

You don’t need a master key when you have Melissa on your side. Her charm and smarts are pivotal in getting people to open the door to talk to her under the toughest of scenarios. She is an experienced sales and marketing professional who knows her stuff and is genuinely interested in the people and businesses she engages.

Melissa is an experienced marketer who has sold and managed various marketing and lead generation programs for key stakeholders in the Healthcare, Building and Retail industries. Her diverse experience in selling both marketing services and media, helps her problem solve and dig deeply into business needs to find the best marketing solutions to a problem. And she uses her experience and expertise to help d.trio clients and prospects design their programs.

Prior to d.trio, Melissa worked at a digital marketing agency, RVG Marketing, Luxury Media Group and Metropolitan Media Group. As a freelance producer, she produced a variety of live event and video projects, including a program proposal for Animal Planet.

Outside of work: In her free time, Melissa likes to play tennis, horse-back ride and considers herself a bit of a movie buff.

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