Tim Swenson

senior account executive

The old saying, “Work smarter, not harder” can work for some people. But Tim thinks, “Work smarter and harder” is better suited for marketers.

Tim keeps his head on a swivel managing production schedules, quarterly programs, monthly website updates and quick-turnaround digital banners for several clients including SunTrust and Synchrony Bank. Any program that marries technology and marketing ignites his interest. In addition to managing his own clients he steps up wherever he can in the agency to help meet tight deadlines and clients expectations.

His outgoing personality and “Work smarter and harder” motto makes him a perfect addition to the team. With a strong background in technology and a passion for his work he proves that it’s indeed possible to work smarter and harder at the same time.

Outside of work: In his free time, Tim likes to stay active and hang out with his wife, Terri and their cat, Lois, keep up with what’s hot in technology and video games, and mow his giant lawn.

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