An Ode to Partnership

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Owning a business is hard. Owning a marketing business is dog years hard. You need grit and persistence plus a sense of humor and people who support you and challenge you by your side. From this perspective, I believe I am absolutely blessed to have had a marketing business with my two partners by my side for 19 years (133 years in dog years, in case you’re wondering). We have loved each other, hated each other, supported and challenged each other, had a million laughs and some tears – and still had lunch together most days (not to mention the occasional drink at the end of the day). So, it is with much humility and a grateful heart that I am taking the reins at d.trio and along with it, the best employee team I can imagine.

Everyone comes to a crossroads in their careers, when they have to decide to stay the course or accomplish other goals that are important to them. Maureen has decided to retire to pursue her other interests and we’re excited to hear what she’ll be doing – right now it’s zip-lining and boogie boarding in Florida (you go girl). Fred’s not ready to retire, but was looking to change his role at d.trio to focus on the strategic, business and client things that he loves, so he’s sticking around in a consultative role. As for me, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m excited to move the company forward in ways that we don’t even know about yet – because that’s our ever-changing marketing world.

Change can be hard, but it is made easier by having a team that challenges, supports, does great work and laughs with me. I miss Maureen like crazy already, but maybe there’s a trip to New York or Paris in our future. As for d.trio, we’re rocking and rolling and I can’t wait to see where we’ll be in 5 years.

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Megan is one of the founding partners of d.trio marketing group

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