Characteristics of an Account Manager. Or, why we won’t let your brand drive drunk.

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I recently had lunch with a client who likened my Account Management style to someone who wouldn’t let another person drive drunk. I’d wrestle the car keys away and call them an Uber. He later mentioned that I willingly offered up opinions that differed from his own creative direction and requests. He admitted fighting the urge to dig in his heels and “get his own way” because upon reflection, he’s realized the advice provided is in his – and his brand’s – best interest.

The role of the Account (or Project) Manager in a creative agency can be perceived as less glamorous than other roles. We often aren’t credited with the BIG IDEA and don’t get to create the pretty pictures. We’re tasked with developing timelines, managing meetings and most enjoyably, ensuring we stick to the budget.

But I’m proud to represent the team who won’t let your brand drive drunk. And here’s why:

We CARE:  We care A LOT.  Sometimes we care way too much and it keeps us awake late into the night. We care long after you’ve stopped caring. In fact, when you stop caring, we double down. We’ve got this. We’ve got you! And we’ll do everything in our power to prevent something bad happening as long as we’re at the wheel.

We have educated opinions: In my opinion…I find one of life’s little annoyances to be people who select “no opinion” on a questionnaire or survey.  If you’re breathing and mentally capable – you should have an opinion. If you don’t, it’s time to study up on the issue and form one. Account Managers know your brand, they know your campaign objectives and they know you. They should definitely have an opinion. Of course, our number one job is to keep our clients happy. So instead of hearing “You’re expletive WASTED”, you’re more likely to hear “I believe you may have imbibed too many alcoholic beverages and have impaired your ability to safely operate your motorized vehicle without endangering yourself or others.”  Either way – message received.

We ask a lot of questions: We think big picture and we think deep, deep down into the weeds. That means, we have a lot of questions up front – and every step along the way – to make sure your project is executed to your high expectations. And if we don’t get the answers or information we need, we’re taking away your car keys until we get a firm direction.

We’re practical: Account Managers are the detailed side of the business. In no way does that mean we’re not creative. But we have a task list and a checklist and every other list you can imagine. Our end game is to be on time, on budget and on point with our creative execution. Ultimately – we want you to get home safely.

So, the next time you’re looking for an agency partner, make sure you check off all the boxes. Look for an agency with strategic leadership, strong creative that delivers proven results and an account management team that won’t let you drive drunk.

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