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The worst of times tend to bring out the best in people. You can find examples all over the world of people coming together to uplift and encourage each other through these difficult days.

Here at d.trio, we’ve been taking time to support each other, our community and world initiatives. Following are some examples of how our team has been inspired to help.

Danette, Sam and Megan have all given to food shelves to support the homeless or those who can no longer afford food for their families. A friend of Sam’s encouraged him to give to Loaves and Fishes as a birthday gift – now that’s the true spirit of giving.

And speaking of food, most of d.trio is supporting local neighborhood restaurants with takeout orders once or twice a week – and leaving bigger tips and bigger smiles for those working in the food service industry.

Carol and Mark took a different direction with takeout. Mark bought meals for healthcare workers through Marna’s Eatery while Carol ordered Piggy Boxes from Travail for healthcare workers who are less likely to be remembered – those working in the cafeteria or in custodial positions at a local hospital.

Fred showed his gratitude toward hospital workers by lighting a candle on his porch in recognition of the sacrifices they’re making. Beth’s been checking in with her mother daily to make sure she’s upbeat and avoiding boredom. And Megan’s been reaching out to folks she knows may be lonely or depressed to let them know she cares.

Danette, Mark and Megan have supported local musicians – watching virtual concerts on Zoom and Facebook Live. And Danette has also supported both the Native American community and immigrants through charitable donations.

Carol branched out from supporting people and donated to her beloved orangutans in Asia. This already at-risk great ape may also be susceptible to contraction of the Coronavirus since they share 97% of a human’s DNA.

For more opportunities in MN, check out Give at Home MN. Or check out this list of other charitable organizations for worldwide opportunities including the CDC, the American Red Cross and No Kid Hungry.

But giving doesn’t have to mean cash donations. The guys have shown their appreciation visually. Mark is supporting delivery drivers, Fred’s participating in the bear hunt phenomenon and Tim’s giving some love to the neighborhood through decorative window displays.

Show us what’s happening in your neighborhood – whether it’s window displays, teddy bears or sidewalk chalk drawings – we’d love to hear (and see) your stories.

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