5 Things Digital Marketers Can Learn From Speed Dating

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When you think about it, dating is a kind of marketing. And marketing is a kind of dating. Speed dating in particular.

That’s because in this era of infinite distractions and record-short attention spans, marketers need to make an instant love connection with their audience. In fact, recent studies show that companies have precious few seconds to capture a customer’s attention. In that context, making a good first impression is essential. It’s something speed daters know better than anyone. And it’s something us marketers can learn by studying what makes the best speed daters so successful.

Recently, we published a blog post on the UpCity website that took a fun look at the similarities between marketing and speed dating. Along the way, we came up with five key lessons speed dating can teach us about how to be better digital marketers.

To find out how to romance your customer like the best of them, read the full article here.

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