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Time Management Apps

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Since January is the time for New Year resolutions and newfound efficiency, I’ve listed a few time management apps that can help corral your many responsibilities.



Purpose: Keeps all your lists, documents, saved articles in one central database that you can access from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Bonus Awesomeness: Has specific extensions that play to different data management needs (e.g., Evernote Food for recipes and food blogging, Evernote Hello for keeping track of people you meet)



Purpose: Allows you to track your work time digitally to help solve that pesky “where should I bill my hours” question.

Bonus Awesomeness: The stopwatch functionality helps you track time to the second!



Purpose: Simple to use interface allows you to easily track your project status.  To-do lists, timelines, and other goodies to help you organize your various tasks.

Bonus Awesomeness:  You can share your project details with other folks. Plus, iPad format is simple and clear to use.


Once you have the right apps, all you have to do is find the motivation to get stuff done!