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Revealing moments from NY

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I swear I’m a time traveler. No, it’s not jet lag, it’s how much has changed during my relatively short stint of judging the DMA’s ECHO Awards. Of course I’ve been involved in the the massive marketing shift, as d.trio has evolved over time as well, but reflecting on my ECHO years reveals such a clear path:

  1. Early years: the entries (mostly from the U.S.) focused on Direct Mail Marketing (creative, offer and list). We were inspired by the creativity, the paper choices, the dimensional pieces – that one channel could be so innovative and effective – and oh, the size of the budgets!
  2. More recently: digital and interactive marketing changed the ECHO Awards landscape to multichannel marketing.
  3. Then the recession hit: reducing budgets and ushering in the brave new world of Social Media and video.
  4. Now: submissions from all over the world are mostly integrated digital/interactive programs and little mail.

How many years have elapsed? 20 years you say? Nope. Just 7…now where did I put that time machine…?  -Megan