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About Us – It’s Not All About You

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Many companies desperately need “a cleanup on aisle 13” – and that aisle is the “About Us” section on their website.  It seems the majority of these sections I read are vague, confusing, trite, jargon-filled diatribes that do little to inform the audience, establish credibility or spark interest in moving deeper into the site.

Your “About Us” should be honest, clear, descriptive and (gasp) interesting.  It should convey confidence and give a sense of your company’s personality.  Visitors are often comparing you to the competition so it’s critical you address your unique selling proposition.  And speaking of visitors, this section is most often read by first-timers to your site, so remember you’ve only got one shot at a first impression.  This is essentially a speed-date, so don’t be boring and unremarkable!

As with any marketing copy development, it’s important to put yourself in your readers’ shoes.  Make it relevant and leave them with a feeling of wanting more.  This may be as far as they get on your site, so you may want to include a call to action (company phone number, email, video link etc.).

Enough talk about “exceeding expectations” (duh), “striving for excellence” (I should hope so), or “creating solutions” (unless you are a chemist, I guess).  Get real, to the point and add some flavor beyond salt and pepper.  You’re asking for someone to consider a relationship with you.  Act accordingly.

Management Perspective: Choosing A Dance Partner

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One seemingly complex issue often facing marketers is how to go about picking the right agency with which to work.  True to my obsessive drive to simplify, I’ve attempted to break the process down to something easy – ergo, the “Three C’s.”

Cost, Capability and Chemistry are my “Three C’s”.  Each should be factored into any decision involving agency choice.  I would submit that Chemistry is the most important.

Cost is typically straightforward, essentially boiling down to low, medium and high (it’s really value one should focus on here).   Capability?  Well, if quality agencies are invited to the party they are all going to be solidly capable.  That leaves Chemistry, which is a far more difficult attribute to demonstrate and assess – especially in a managed, objective RFP process.

To ensure the best outcome, you should get at the true essence of your potential agency partner.  What are the people you’ll work with like?  What defines the agency’s culture and values?  What are they most proud of and passionate about?  How do references describe the agency’s personality?  Are they collaborative or directive?

Good chemistry is the core of any successful team or lasting relationship.  I believe it’s a big reason why d.trio has maintained many client relationships three to five times the industry average.

Above the objective nuts and bolts of cost and capability, your gut feelings regarding the answers to the above chemistry questions will likely be the best determinant as to who should be your date for the dance. (Just make sure you get them home by midnight).